Sophia Soul

My Reason Why!

Why did I join Xplocial? Well to be absolutely honest the first time I joined Xplocial was just to work with Darren Little. Lets face it, who wouldn’t? To gain coaching from a Millionaire Mentor who charges $300/hr and only have to $150 per month was a no brainer.
Then after a couple of months, I felt that Darren had given me all the tools and guidance that he could and now it was up to me, so I let my membership lapse.

It was time to put the QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY into practice. After watching the training over again about 4 times and taking definite steps of action, I began to experiences changes, no only in myself but the way my online business was taking shape. Facebook conversations were becoming easier and I began to realize that I needed another option to offer people that I chatted to.

It was time to rejoin Xplocial, this time not just to work with Darren but for the opportunity that Xplocial offered.
It was time to become part of the Platinum 200 Team.
It was time to embrace this business for what was available.
* Business Incentives;
* Team Building Training;
* Sales & Marketing Training;
* 100% Commission;
* Leadership Leverage;
* Global Online Community;
and of course the opportunity to be mentored by a Multi-Millionaire and study QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY.
With 5 new team members in 5 days, now I am taking my business to a whole new level and this is why I have joined Xplocial.
Platinum 200 is now part of my life!

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