Sarah Olney

Vision board for Darren Little Quantum Physics Mind Mastery challenge now to my WHY…

There’s a famous saying: “You have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired” and it sure is a long path once you decide you’ve reached that point and are prepared to embrace change (for the better you hope). Whatever life has flung at you from neglect and abandonment in childhood or any subsequent symptoms that manifest, the power lies within you to be able the change and that in itself is a very powerful and liberating thought. In order to effect change you may feel that it’s a bit like turning around an oil tanker so in order to keep going you have to grasp you “WHY” you want to change, with all your might and hang on to it so tightly that it never deserts you even on the days you think your goal to freedom and happiness seems further way than ever.

Whatever your WHY is I wish you all the very best in realising your dreams. For me, of course, my daughter is my biggest WHY not just material things but to show her that mental attitude, life, a positive approach, The Law Of Attraction really works and that the GATEWAY to this is unleashing the Alpha Within through the Darren Little MLM Superhero – Quantum Physics Mind Mastery training. For me, I feel so blessed to have come across this very special man who is so rich in every sense of the word, yet has time for everyone as if you are the only person in the world who matters. Truly generous with his time and a Grand Master of self development training.

My other WHYs are quite humble driven all by love. I love animals almost more than people and cannot bear to see hurt and cruelty and neglect inflicted upon creatures that cannot speak for themselves so I would like to run an Animal Rescue centre but joining up with the theme of neglect and abandonment which really is at the heart of my beginnings in life, I love old properties and caring for people and I used to work in Social Services and have seen some of the amazingly positive stories where the Youth Offending Team have helped young people on the verge of adulthood turn their lives round even despite very troubled starts. Over here such children are entirely on their own from the age of 16 and I would like to work more closely with Inner Flame, a Swindon based charity I know, to help provide residential training courses for young people in care; also some fostering and adoption and for women learning to work from home and may be separated from their children like I was for 5 years, I’d like to run courses too, so that I can show them that patience, perseverance, dedication and hard work will get you your goals in the end and re-unite you with your children. But in order to do that you need money to get yourself sorted if you’ve been forced to leave the family home and to fight some battles in Court. This also applies to men and I can help there too, but for me it was the pain as a mother of being separated and society’s judgment on that (I felt) and so this is my primary passion.

So, I would end up with a house like the one in the picture with enough land for the rescue animals and running the house as a residential centre and accommodation for the above, with speakers coming from around the world and it would be set in a tranquil, peaceful setting for meditation, rest and recuperation. And this would be a fitting testament to my life experience and something created to pass on for the future.

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