Rocio Veronica Patricio

I wan to break the Cycle… what do I mean by this?

Here is a little story so you can understand clearly

I remember my Father waking up at 5am in the morning and every day he was working over 12 hours a day to make sure my brothers and I would have EVERYTHING we needed, everyday he was an example for us, working hard, getting prepared everyday as a Father, as a teacher and as a friend making sure this kids would find the way to be successful and do everything on their own.

Because of those 12 hours of work a day,he barely had time for vacations or enjoy his weekends off, sometimes he was skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, sometimes he would just said I have no time, I’m running late for WORK I can’t miss a day, when he was feeling sick instead of calling in so he could rest, he would said “There is no time to to rest I have to WORK”, My dad worked very hard and forgot about taking care of himself, a year ago he died due to a colon cancer, Doctors said this type of cancer is the harder one to detect and actually when it was detected on my Father was already been spread all over the vital organs and there was not way back. Is also know that Colon Cancer can grow faster if you the person doesn’t have a balance diet, usually when the eating habits are poor this cancer appear. I hate to think about this sometimes but my Father literally worked to death, but everything he did, he did it for us, for our well being.

I can’t go back in time and save my Father, he is gone now, but only his body because whether you believe or not I know he still with me.

But this is the Cycle I am talking about… Same Cycle I was repeating already, when I was working I was so worry and stress for money to pay my bills that sometimes I was forgetting about eating and literally I adopted the worst eating habits at my adult stage, now that I understand when my father used to said “I’m just not hungry, I can’t eat”, But I think he didn’t work that hard for me to repeat the same lifestyle, he always told us to be better prepared than he did,even when for me he was the best, he thought us the importance education, reading and increase our knowledge and be better than our selves everyday.

Now I see the real meaning when he used to tell us “I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE BEST” , when I was a little girl still at the time I thought the best was to have a lot of toys in Christmas, best birthday parties, clothes,shoes, a car, home, material things, but that wasn’t the best, now I realize the BEST is the education, the freedom,happiness, the TIME TO ENJOY WITH OUR LOVE ONES, the example of taking the opportunities in life and make better choices so we would never struggle like he and my mother did in the past, simply find a painless way to earn money to have the best and give the best to the next generation.

Here is the thing, I still have my wonderful Mother who still work, she is a Nurse, she loves her profession and I can see the love she has for her patients but I also see the pain on her eyes, I see she is exhausted, her body can’t function the same like a few years ago, now she is repeating the same pattern my Father was doing, skipping meals, not enough rest, stress, worry, the same words coming out of her mouth “I have no time, I have to Work”, I can’t miss work because I would lose money”. I see her every night coming back from work with her energy drained not able to sleep enough and just go back to work next the same way, with no energy at all.

It obvious for me now that this society is wrong, that a 9 to 5 J.O.B is not healthy because we work to give our life away for literally a misery of money, what the heck can we do with money if we can’t have NO time to enjoy life to enjoy your life with your love ones living this way, this is the cycle I am talking about I refuse to follow.

Why work hard and die slowly, THIS IS NOT LIVING is nothing else but SURVIVING!!!

I have found the opportunity and a way to attract abundance in my life and help others to do the same,the same opportunity everyone can have but they can’t understand yet because they still trapped inside the matrix, there is not need to work hard, just smart.

Chasing money is not the way, we have to stop chasing money, like my case there is many more, I’ve known PILES of people have been KILLED by chasing money… in the form of heart attacks, blood pressure, diabetes, nervous break downs and a host of other garbage… chasing money, trying to pile it up so that one day when they’re 93, they can finally “retire” and live?? REALLY?

I won’t be one more who follows this Cycle.

I want to honor my Father by being the best version of him , he gave me the best example and push me to travel the world and told not to be afraid of trying new opportunities, just because he wanted me to have THE BEST because he knew there is always a better way.

Now my strongest REASON WHY is to be the greatest Example for MY SON.
How can I teach him to fight for his dreams if I don’t fight for mines first?

I must show him there is a better way to live and that he can have the BEST if he want to

And if my Story help to inspired others to do the same and give the next generation THE BEST with OUR EXAMPLE, well that would be a BOOM!

This is part of my millionaire training “Quantum Physics Mind Mastery” from the Platinum 200 (Xplocial team) that I am following with my Mentor Darren Little, he is teaching me to step in my inner power, believe in my worthiness so I can finally be willing to receive what I been looking for and deserve.

To this note my Vision Board is Attached to it, which I name it as:

“The future has already Happened”

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