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My Why…Vision Board 3v2….(smile)

Around the middle of July of this year, I started working and studying in Darren Little MLM Superhero – Quantum Physics Mind Mastery/Release The Alpha Within/Platinum200 trainings. To state that I have been challenged…stretched…and on my way to being even better, is an understatement.

Attached is my 3rd Vision Board, and the revised version of it. It has taken me that many attempts to “peel the onion” back enough for more of my “true essence” to just start to shine through. If you have read this far, you may be asking, what in the world is he talking about, and what are they doing all of this for?

My Compelling “WHY”

This is about really getting and staying FREE on all levels, as I possibly can! Now, what does that mean in English?…it simply means, that less and less fear runs and rules my life…It means, looking deeply in the mirror and REALLY LOVING & ACCEPTING ME JUST AS I AM….it means, LIVING FULLY TODAY in as many ways as I possibly can….it means, living my dreams instead of just dreaming them….it means getting free enough inside of my own self so that I can also be used as a conduit for FREEDOM to the countless others who are looking for the same…it means not being afraid any longer to step into ALL of the Power that the GOD of My Understanding has already deposited in me….it simply means, getting out of my own way so that loving LIGHT can shine through me to reach others in ways that I may never know… simply means…FREE PEOPLE….FREE PEOPLE… read that again, this…time… slowly…..It ultimately means, SURRENDERING TO WIN at an entirely deeper internal level than ever before….(smile)

It takes a lot of courage to be Happy…Joyous…..Free…If you think you are ‘gangsta” enough, come on in, and make sure you bring plenty of kleenex and confetti….(smile)

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