Murray Whitcombe

My Entry into the Platinum 200 and QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY with Darren Little

My Why:

To Help as many people as possible live a Happy, Productive, Loving Life. To show the World there is a Better way to live. To Lead by Example and be the BEST I can be!! To be an inspiration to EVERY person I have contact with!

★★Platinum 200 and QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY★★… your ‘Keys To Universal Abundance’!!

I’ve had incidences throughout my life that have been unexplainable (to me at the time anyway). Some really far out stuff that let me know at an early age that there was more out there that people (the world) was letting me know.

I didn’t know how some things happened, but experienced events that could only be explained as ‘The Power of the Mind’.

I turned 28 and had made some MAJOR lifestyle changes (moved countries) and started on my Journey of Self Discovery and Enlightenment. I started reading as many New Age Metaphysical books, studied Religion, studied Eastern Medicine and MUCH MUCH more. I became a Self Development Junkie… searching for answers.

In 2006 my wife and I formed a Security Company which was great but had us working 12hour Day and Night shifts which were getting tiring, and definitely wasn’t what we had in mind for that stage of our lives.

I turned 46 2 years ago and not a lot was making sense, and my life wasn’t going as planned. I have ALWAYS been a hard worker and have been self employed most of my life, but NOW was the time for me to learn to work ‘Smarter NOT Harder’. So I jumped into Internet Marketing head first with all guns blazing, in an attempt to create a lifestyle that I thought I deserved and to learn what was necessary to achieve this (along with working 12hour Day and Night shifts and running the Security Company).

My Health and my wife’s Health were really starting to suffer. My wife was depressed and on Anti-depressants. She hadn’t been feeling well for a long time, so went to a Doctor for Blood Tests, which came back showing abnormalities… but UNFORTUNATELY for everyone concerned (except for the Doctor)… he told my wife she could possibly have Leukemia (Cancer of the Blood). This news of course wasn’t welcome news and sent us in a spiral of reading up on everything we possibly could about the Disease, and doing whatever we could to get my wife right again.

My wife and I were BOTH fortunate enough to find Irene Anania from Melbourne, Australia who helped us with Emotional Code sessions. These sessions were SO effective that my wife went off all her medication (including the anti-depressants), cancelled all the appointments with the Naturopath and never went back to the Doctor. She regained all her energy and was a different women. Both my wife and myself enjoyed more sessions with Irene ‘clearing up the past’ and removing emotional blockages. More testament to ‘The Powers of The Mind’!!

I had been approached by Darren Little about a Company that didn’t interest me too much at the time, as I was TRYING my best to remain FOCUSED on what I wanted to achieve (getting my life back on track)… BUT I was HUGELY interested in the idea of being Mentored by a Millionaire and wanted to Learn from the BEST, and also wanted to learn all I could about his Mind Mastery, Unleashing The Alpha Within and Quantum Physics Academy (right up my alley)!!

Turned out to be one of the BEST decisions I have EVER made!! I have always believed I’m here for a purpose and believed I wasn’t living up to my potential or giving life my best shot. Thanks to Irene for helping me clear up my past and Darren Little for his guidance, wisdom and LIFE CHANGING course… I’ve NEVER felt better! I have CRYSTAL CLEAR goals and vision now and have TRULY found my Passion and my WHY!!… ‘Helping Others’!!

The Lifestyle and Money we’re creating with this Amazing Opportunity is just a Byproduct to me. The REAL important thing is the amount of lives we’re transforming… the amount of families and marriages etc we’re saving by sharing this with the world!

After 20 years of studying Personal Development NOTHING has ‘clicked’ with me like this has… the World would be a better place if everyone had access to this VALUABLE information. I want to share this with AS MANY people as I POSSIBLY can. We CAN change the World… one person at a time. I finally KNOW I have absolute ‘GOLD’ to share with the world… and I finally NOW feel worthy and deserving to do so. I’ve learned to love myself again, and want to help others to do the same!

I still have a lot to learn and will continue to learn until my last breath! Life NOW however is AWESOMELY exciting and possibilities are ONLY limited by my Imagination. The best way I can help others is to show them the transformation happening in my life… show them that anything is possible and show them what CAN be achieved. My Desire is to Inspire!!

I can’t thank you enough Irene Anania and Darren Little MLM Superhero – Quantum Physics Mind Mastery So Grateful and Blessed to have crossed paths!!

★★Platinum 200 and QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY★★… your ‘Keys To Universal Abundance’!!

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