Kandis Lord

How compelling is YOUR WHY?

Get tapped into your dream and your vision!

This is My New Vision Board – Before I dive deep into my WHY… just wanted to quickly explain what my Vision board means to me right now (Goals and aspirations) at this time…

Financial Security.. is Huge, and I think is for everyone out there.. being able to pay for any expenses with cash and having right now, no financial debt, freedom of no mortgage, and freedom to allow all things that Myself and Family are Worthy for… Also the time spent to travel 8 months out of the year with my kids, and “Travel” school them, unplugged from the system..

Homestead- my Earth Home that has Manifested after 20 years of studying about them.. I have wanted a home like this, because it makes sense to me to live inside a non chemical house.. allowing more free Universal Energy through by sourcing it with solar and Earth energy.. -Glass of Wine…. I have a special bottle of Josephine wine, one of the last known and made VQA that I am pouring for my Celebration in this level of my life..

The Elephant is there because I will be riding him while we are in Thailand.. they are a very spiritually connected Mammal that I have a Deep Love for…

The Cruise Ship represents my trip with Xplocial, the Executive Masterminding and Celebration of my Success of being Platinum 200 (I will bring my bottle of Sophia with me on it)

Capturing the Sun- Resembles me tapping into my own power and self consciousness, and awakening..

Last but not least, and it is quite obvious because I have 3 on my board is the Porsche.. I have been dreaming of the Porsche since 18years of age, and have always known that I would own this car… my 2014 Cayman s awaits for me at the Dealership right now, I will be visiting her every Friday until I get her pad set up nicely to bring her home..

The most significant thing to me on this board (along side of my Family) is ‘PLATINUM 200’ and the reason is that it represents my deeper meaning and Purpose in this life.. MY WHY… The 200 ppl that I have on my Team is just the start of my Journey from unleashing my Alpha within.. The knowingness of the power we have inside ourselves to create a Mass chain reaction to explode Human Consciousness into the actual reality of this world is the most Exhilarating Duty that I feel so Grateful to have ownership of.. We all want to play our part in this world and give back.. I want to give back by guiding ppl into the right direction and giving them the same present to unwrap like I did.. I have ALWAYS believed in a Revolution to come and still DO, I am a BIG part in Manifesting that..

We have but one life to live, Make the most of it.. don’t let ANYTHING stand in the way of your Dreams! Please share your Vision with me here, like and share YOUR Why….

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