Jim Schaub

There is far too much suffering that occurs in this stage of our evolution. And the most shocking part, is that most of it is self-induced, because of our fear of the unknown and the belief that we have no power to change anything. To only be a victim of what happens to us.

We live in a broken system that most people refuse to acknowledge, which allows it to continue as such. Awareness is what is needed as a starting point to make any kind of progress. We must maintain our individual and collective responsibilities, if we are ever going to reduce the amount of needless suffering that is taking place. This is why I have made a decision to take action.

Part of my purpose in this world is to show others what is possible. However, I have come to realize that I must go through various training, trials and tribulations, if I am to come to a greater understanding of what people go through, so that I may create a clear path for them. What’s truly fascinating is that a decent percentage of the pain and suffering that people experience, is by their own choice. What if you had a way out….a real, genuine way out of the suffering once and for all…

This training, coupled with the Platinum 200 program, has literally changed my outlook on abundance and the science of getting rich. I now believe more than ever, that this formula will alter our reality in ways we never thought possible, as network marketers. We were all given the gift of being co-creators. It’s time we step into our power and take back what is ours. True love and abundance.

My “why” is much bigger than me, and I know without a doubt, it is what is needed right here and now. It involves handing over the keys to abundance to as many people as possible, in hopes of creating a new reality for humanity. A new world by our own design. One of happiness, stability and the love and light of the entire universe.
So you see, what I have been blessed with is so powerful, that it is a moral imperative to pay it forward. And this vision board will help expand my consciousness to new possibilities to do so.
Many blessings.

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