Jennifer D. Carroll

People are constantly asking me what the UNLEASH THE ALPHA TRAINING is all about and why I am so excited about it!

I can tell you UNEQUIVOCALLY that this training and this information has TRANSFORMED MY LIFE in a massive way – FINANCIALLY, SPIRITUALLY, SELF ESTEEMwise, HEALTH WISE, AND GENERAL PEACE OF MIND…,.all of these areas are now on overdrive due to this training.

So what was my WHY for getting started on this journey?

I was literally sick and tired of being sick and tired…and I was ready to create a massive shift in my life.

Like a lot of people, I woke up one day and realized that I was not happy with my life.

I had left corporate America 10 years prior and pursued a life as an entrepreneur in the real estate and mortgage industry. When I got started back then it was in the midst of the real estate boom in L.A.

I was working 12-14 hour days – but I didn’t care because I was making LOTS of money. In fact some months I made more than I made in a full year working in corporate America.

So I made the trade…
Time with my family….or money…money won
Time with my friends…or money…money won
Time on my romantic relationships…or money…money won

I literally sold my life away in exchange for the money.

And you know what?

After I got it…I was still empty inside.

The only real thing I had to comfort me was the “stuff” that I bought…and after awhile that didn’t even make me smile anymore.

But…as those of us who are trapped in the Matrix do…I kept on going through the motions because I had been programmed to believe that was what success was all about.

Just amassing a BUNCH OF MONEY and a BUNCH OF STUFF.

But of course as life would have it the life lessons that we are slow to absorb and act on cause us the biggest pain.

This played out for me when the real estate market crashed and my 5 figure a month income came crashing down with it…

Honestly it wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t also have massive 5 figure a month overhead and expenses.

So my house of cards came tumbling down…

During the time that followed I struggled in a lot of areas…not just financially…but really emotionally. It is so difficult to go from being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it to trying to figure out how you are going to keep the lights on. Keeping motivated to do what needs to be done while you are drowning in self doubt and feelings of failure and insecurity.

I now realize that this time in my life was the greatest gift imaginable to me because it was in this darkness that I discovered WHO I TRULY WAS and learned to detach myself – my self esteem, my worthiness as a human being from the balance in my bank account.

I realized that I was not worthy because of how much money I made, I was worthy because I am a CHILD OF GOD. I realized that my value as a human being did not come as a function of the kind of car that I drove, where I lived, and what I owned – my value is a function of just being a SPIRITUAL BEING HAVING THIS HUMAN EXPERIENCE we call life.

Being made in the image & likeness of God made me worthy.

I have known this on a surface level for some time…but the Unleash the Alpha Training took this understanding to a whole other level.

My WHY for achieving MASSIVE SUCCESS in my life – is bigger, stronger, and more purposeful than ever before.

My WHY is to empower and show others HOW TO LIVE THE LIFE THAT THEY WERE BORN TO LIVE. My deepest desire is to empower others to discover their purpose, tap into their life passions, and create a life of their own design.

My WHY is to take money as an issue out of the way so that I can LOVE MORE FULLY and nurture my relationships with others.

My WHY is to travel to exotic locations and create meaningful experiences with the people that I love and those that love me back.

My WHY is to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it.

My WHY is to live in a BEAUTIFUL HOME that is spacious and beautiful with enough room to host and entertain my loved ones.

My WHY is to give everything imaginable to my mom that she could ever imagine or desire because of how much she means to me and who she is in my life.

My WHY is to live a healthy lifestyle and not feel forced to consume sub par or things that are harmful to my body because of concerns about whether or not it’s affordable.

My WHY is to be deeply and joyously in love and not have money issues or concerns be a hindrance to growth and evolution of our relationship.

My WHY is to achieve financial abundance not simply for abundances sake but to use it as a vehicle to sow into the lives of others.

So what is YOUR WHY?

Are you on a hamster wheel chasing after “success” with the only desire in sight getting CARS, WATCHES, CLOTHES, JEWELRY? After you get those ‘things’, then what?

Are you struggling to barely make ends meet – with money being a constant struggle just to barely keep your head above water?

You were not designed to live in either of those scenarios…

If you don’t know what that purpose is or how to activate the abundance switch in your life…YOU NEED TO INBOX ME RIGHT AWAY so I can get you plugged into the UNLEASH THE ALPHA training…

Struggle, low self esteem, lack of clarity will all be a thing of the past, WHEN YOU TAKE ACTION NOW…but if you don’t nothing will change…

So what do you want?
The red pill or the blue pill…

The choice is yours.

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