Jennifer Burton

Quantum physics mind mastery has taught me that my DREAMS must become VISIBLE so that I feel emotionally CONNECTED to the REALITY held in my future. By releasing the alpha within and having a clear VISION, I step into my personal POWER, set GOALS, take ACTION, and EXPECT to see my dreams become REALITY.
-I am funding my daughter’s education. She is FREE from the slavery of student debt!
-I am paying cash for everything!
-I am living in the house of my dreams!
-I am vacationing in my lake house!
-I am flying privately to my destinations for business and for play!
-I am funding domestic and foreign missions!
-I am giving enormous donations to charity!
-I am booking speaking engagements!
All this because the Creator of the Universe, my God and Savior, has created me for abundance to do good works. I gratefully accept this gift and I am humbled as I step into my destiny. Thank you Lord.

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