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Okay…so I am going on vacation in another day so I am posting my entry to the vision board contest now…here goes my total freedom!

My “Why”

Little did I know that when I started in QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY and Platinum 200 in going after my dreams I would be pursuing my past (to remove the blocks)…and my inner most being! Such a journey…it has truly been. I continue to grow and learn each day. Some days are better than others. Some are phenomenal! With the highs do come the lows as well, and I have learned to accept them all and love myself in spite of them. I am learning to stay on a more even plateau now…others emotions do not enter into my reality as much anymore. Because I am worthy. I am truly FREE. There is nothing in this world as life changing as emotional freedom. My goals now are to teach others to be free…free of themselves. Because that is where it all starts. With that, and my own personal freedom and the path to infinite abundance.

I have more than one why…so I will be as brief as possible while giving each of them the attention they deserve.

My biggest “why” for all of this is my granddaughter, Makayla. She is the light in my eyes and the spark in my soul. I love her in a way I have never loved another human being. It is like she is in each and every cell in my body. We have an incredible relationship and a powerful connection already and she is just 3-1/2. I want to teach her about the universe and all it has to offer…and that she can have it all.
My son and my daughter are “whys” as well. That goes without even saying. I love them more than they will ever realize. They are grown now and have to find their own personal freedom. My deepest wish for them is that they WILL.
My dear mother too, is one of my “whys”…She is almost 78 years old now and we have probably butted heads most of my life. She is the feistiest lady I know! And has the biggest heart. I want to make sure she doesn’t want for too much during the rest of her days here in this reality.
So my family is obviously my “why”…I want to make sure they are full of the abundance that they deserve, and until they find their own freedom and infinite possibility, I will give them mine. With all my heart.

My most greatest “why” is for my health. Because without that I can’t take care of my other “whys”. In February last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started chemotherapy in April. I cannot even begin to write what this was like. Some days I had to crawl to the bathroom…I was so weak I could hardly put my feet on the floor. I still had to work. I used to have very long curly hair! I lost most of it, but with my need to control something I cut it all off. I had treatment after treatment and was violently sick every time. Writing this and making it public is something I thought I would never do. I didn’t want help; I didn’t want anyone to see me that way. But guess what??? Hair grows back! Treatments end. Life is a celebration. With strong will and perseverance we can overcome anything. The day before I joined QUANTUM PHYSICS MIND MASTERY, and PLATINUM 200 I had my last chemo treatment. I am officially in remission now. Not only that, during my last check up with my doctor, my stats had changed dramatically. My blood pressure was down, my triglycerides were down, and my weight was down…my doctor was amazed! The power of the mind is incredible. So now…I write this not for attention, or for pity…I never wanted that…but to really release my heart and soul of anything that could be blocking it by sharing this with the public. Fear of vulnerability is a powerfully unproductive thing and it will cripple you until you have nothing left. So once and for all I am releasing it. And sharing in hopes that others will see that anything is possible. All it takes is to want something…anything…more than you want to breathe.
I love life and I love myself, and my goal with all of this is to help other people change their life. If you have never been in touch with your innermost child and you are not achieving all you want from life, please contact me so I can help you. It is a life changing experience.
Thanks to everyone for reading this and for understanding that we are all born with the ability to manifest whatever we want. It is as simple as asking for it and believing that you are worthy of it. There is nothing stopping you. Except YOU.

Dodee Johnson…FREE

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