Amparo Titmus

A few years ago I was 95K in credit card debt, upside down on my mortgage. I also had a huge student loan from my Masters’ program and a sweet sports car with the accompanying payments and maintenance. As a highly experienced, well-educated registered nurse, a 6 figure income was not within my reach but I had to work hard and focus.

I moved away from home to go where the higher paying jobs are, leaving behind a house I loved, family and friends. It took me years, yes years. During the time, I missed a lot of meaningful moments with family and friends. I was able to become credit card free in April 2013. I traded my not so sweet financial burden of a car for a practical brand new Truck. I shared my accomplishments, often feeling proud but what most people, including my family didn’t realize were the sacrifices I was making. The aches and the pain I endured I did not always share, especially the spiritual pain, the feelings of loss and the loneliness. Nor do most people realize how labor intensive being a nurse can be or how utterly life sucking it can be.

Last year I was introduced to network marketing and began making a relatively easy extra couple of hundred bucks a month. I was taken by stories of people who were actually able to earn enough to quit their jobs and run a business from home. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get where I needed to do that and I didn’t understand why.

Ironically one day at work a coworker told me how she had made 20K in one month doing network marketing. She told me I should look up Darren Little on Facebook. The very next day I found him and sent him a friend request. Within seconds I see a post, and I paraphrase here, “How do you expect to be successful when you send a friend request and you don’t even talk to a person and say why we should be friends”. So immediately I sent a private message and introduced myself, told him how I had heard he was the man to talk to about learning how to be successful in network marketing and asked him if he would be willing to help me. He responded immediately and within an hour we were talking on the phone. I was so taken by what he said to me in many ways. He asked me some “why” questions and asked me what my goals were, did I ever see myself driving a Bentley? I laughed and said No, I don’t need that. I just want to be free.” He said I didn’t know how to dream.

That very afternoon I enrolled in Quantum Physics Mind Mastery Platinum 200 and began my Unleash the Alpha Within training. Now Darren told me that once I went through the program, I would be more successful in my business and in anything in life. I admit, I was skeptical but I was tired of being miserable and believe me I was. What I have experienced would take many more pages but let me give you a few examples. I have relived the most painful, heartbreaking moments of my life. The guilt and the pain of my past had left me feeling undeserving and unworthy. Even though I was a successful 6 figure income earner, I wore old clothes, and well just didn’t do anything that was just for me, just for fun. I slept on an inflatable mattress for over two years. My own internalized bitterness projected out towards all of my relationships and well, I was miserable.

As of this moment, the most amazing and bizarre things have happened, some of them absolutely surreal. By doing Unleash the Alpha Within, I have been able to recognize some things “happened to me” I did not cause them therefore I should feel no guilt. I have acknowledged the things that I have done that have hurt others as well. By reliving these things I have been able to make peace with those I have offended and I have been able to forgive myself. I have had tremendous breakthroughs, I have cried a lot and I have felt relieved, cleansed, forgiven. I have never been religious but I am now very aware of a power higher than myself. I am in awe. I am humbled. I am grateful for all the abundance that has come into my life.

Everything HAS changed. I love myself now. That was the missing part. I am worthy. I am deserving of love. I am love and if you are reading this and I haven’t told you, I love you because you too are also deserving.

This knowledge, this feeling, now gives me the green light to pursue my dreams. I believe in myself now. I have a real bed now. My truck Is paid off, 4 years ahead of schedule and I’m going to go see about a nice house in a better location and see about a silver Bentley.
Now I feel an obligation to help others. I hold the keys to abundance. How can I not share it?
I am at peace. I am open to the universe and all the abundance it provides.

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